How to nail a One Night Stand.

September 18, 2019 By derrick

Well you know dudes, and some very sneaky ladies, after you’ve met the lady, done all the routine stuff, bought the drinks, carried the 1000-ton grocery, fed her pet tiger, met her grandparents, well if you’ve actually made it up to this stage I must say that your intentions are even quite on the brink of being honorable but you know that uncanny spot, after the date, warm air billowing and stuff, hugs and kisses I mean guys we are not robots! It is good to have honorable intentions, but you know some days don’t just feel so honorable and we want to have a nice sac time. So where ever you’re reading this especially if she’s on your couch and you want to set the atmosphere in the right traction. We have compiled a list of movies that can help speak your mind, just plug in the CD and watch wonders unfold. Here are the movies in an order, and no particular order.

The much awaited list

 Fifty Shades of Grey – This one’s for the all dominating alpha male, it’s about a college senior named Anastasia Steele and a Billionaire she met in an interview. I think seeing the CD cover even before you plug it in is enough to convey your message.

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 How to be single –  this one a killer for those in quarter life crises, when you want to stop taking life so seriously. Alice dumps her old boyfriend from college and moves to New York city and befriends Robin a typical wildling. There’s a lot of humor, this one should be played when you’ve been seeing for more than three weeks.

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The Perfect Match – Honestly this one is actually supposed to be suggested by the girl, it’s about an over achieving player who wants to get his way with any woman. It is good considering, if you’ve sensed her waiting for you to make the move and you just don’t know how, which means she too doesn’t have good intentions but hey? All’s fair is fair. It’s an African American movie with some very steamy sex scenes. If you want to play cat and mouse, I’d suggest you play this one, then finish with Fifty Shades of Grey.

Don Jon – This one’s just too much.

Sex Tape – This one is for the relationships that begins with good intentions, but got derailed somewhere along the line, it’s about a couple who used to have a brimming sex life before tying the knot, so fast forward ten years, now with jobs and kids to raise they need something to spice up the bedroom. Older couples should see this one.

 Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds – This one’s for the serious relationships that just wants to cool off the edge a little, it’s about trying to get out of routine and predictability, a wealthy business man who lives his life out of routine so he decides to try something different, its actually about an affair but couples dating who wants to take it slowly can also start from here.

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The Silver Linings Playbook – you know those relationships that you have no clue what’s going on, if you’re trying to find balance or meaning or know what you want, like actually want and kick off a fiery cuddly session, Jenifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are our go to study, because its literally about two crazy people with intense understanding.


Think Like a Man – this one’s actually about putting things in perspective, you can use this in the first weeks, it can spark a little bud of romance.

Entourage – This one’s for the all-time fuckboys, it’s a classic just push play and watch the pheromones begin to activate from all the heavy clubbing and party scenes. Honestly couples who already know it’s for fun should try this one out, there’s a lot of sexy celebrities in the movie (excluding warren buffet) its rich, its loud, its hot, what more do you want?.

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 American pie – okay, now you’re just being too extreme but hey if you know what you’re dong I say hey, why not?.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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