The Intern movie : Hating your boss is normal, we understand, but Jules Ostin might change your mind.

October 6, 2019 By derrick
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The intern is a movie quite bordering on the edge of being inspirational, I think its quite trying to project to us on the work place of your dreams, all positive and everyone friendly. We know how unreal that is you should watch this one on Sunday evenings, right before the madness of Monday morning.Robert De Niro (Ben Whittaker) is a Seventy-year-old retired widower living in Brooklyn.

He finally decides that he needs more fun to his life and embarks on a quest to have an internship (senior) at a local fashion internet startup company called About the fit. He applies via a video promotional, the whole beginning of the movie is quite a bit tardy as De Niro talks about his old fashioned routine not to top it off with his hippy accent. The company he applies for is run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Jules is the optimistic personality she works late and her spirit brims throughout the entire runtime, this impression was first made as she was shown in the beginning off the movie riding a bicycle across the office floor. This act projects a friendly environment in her company, but I knew if my boss rode a bicycle, he’s coming to crash it at me.

Ben’s experience and old fashioned style of doing things is prominent in the movie but it smoothly connects with jules rather online, mobile and millennial personality. He then soon creates a connection with the boss and becomes related in issues outside the office such as family related matters. He even gets invited into her home, they actually become friends, I was expecting it to have a tinge of the father daughter sort of bond but it’s actually very minimal, almost absent. Ben also helps Jules by giving her guidance as she lives the busy and on the go life, she even seems to have forgotten about the application for a senior intern she had put up. Also he becomes quite famous in the office as everyone there seemed very young he has work experience and knows the biz.

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De Niro is a total charmer throughout the movie, even Jules kid daughter falls in love with him.

The intern isn’t a movie you should take too seriously, there’s little to no depth in the characters, more like stage props and it’s also very predictable. But the warmth is very evident its almost a bit dreamy and inspirational if you think of it and also there’s also the matter of addressing the issue of working moms as Jules is almost never at home but comes back very late and her stay at home husband has an affair on a neighbor, Jules’s reaction to this is actually a bit corny as she just relays the matter to Ben and sort of lets it all just slide, like I said there’s no depth in the movie. It’s just one straight ride up cloud nine almost as if the director didn’t want to taint the optimism in any way.

Well I know I was touched by Anne’s performance in the movie as she almost seems to steal the spotlight which just leaves Ben a sort of very bright wallflower. A perfect blend of theatrics and art.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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