Shakespeare has nothing on Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert’s Chemistry.

October 9, 2019 By derrick

Love is beautiful, don’t you think so? Sometimes it can be bordering on the brink of insanity. I started this section on this blog specially for the most epic lovebirds ever seen on screen or rather perceived on screen. I’ve seen quite a lot of movies, and quite noticeably a lot of drama and romance movies, or rather emotional movies with the antagonist or protagonist or some sort of study worthy binding chemistry between characters. If you’ve seen the vampire diaries I’m sure you must know the confusing chemical melodrama brimming between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. If you haven’t seen it no offense but I must say you’ve been living under a rock, like honestly what have you been watching? The vampire diaries is aired and produced by the CW. I’d suggest you head over to their website and buy the series or rent it online, trust me, you won’t regret it. It’s all sorts of amazing.

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Elena Gilbert looking the usual

The curious case of Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) is a young woman, I think she was seventeen or so to be precise at the start of the series. Understanding Elena Gilbert is a bit complex, but she has a trait prominent throughout the whole series, which is her compassion for broken things. Our girl lost her parents in a deadly car crash when she was a child over a bridge in her hometown (mystic falls) called the wickery bridge.It’s important to note that Elena at the initial was like a traveler without a compass, wandering around looking for balance. This she tried to find in common relationships, her family made up of a brother and an aunt, also with a boyfriend. It’s almost noticeable that this doesn’t satisfy her, or rather she thought she was satisfied and hadn’t met someone to like they say ‘rocked her world’. It’s important to also note that a part of her was dead, with her parents that fateful day on the bridge and that hole or emptiness was yearning for a release, this she channeled through emotions and certain noticeable traits and actions. Elena gilbert had a habit of trying to fix everything which I feel was just a mirroring of what her heart needed to heal, to understand the chemistry between her and Damon Salvatore takes us to a vital part of her road to recovery played by Damon Salvatore’s younger brother, Stefan Salvatore.

Devastating isn’t it?
The Case of Stefan Salvatore

Sometimes some people, or some certain situations that come into our lives has the ability to cause a ripple in our lives, call it God or fate or physics or Karma they all lead to an unavoidable, inevitable and cataclysmic reality, remember I told you Elena Gilbert was looking for balance, or rather needed balance and she never realized it, but it was clearly evident in the series. It turns out she found this in a hundred and sixty-four-year-old vampire.Stefan Salvatore in all terms and all sorts, is simply a healer. I can’t think of a better term or name to call or relate to him, unlike his rather destructive elder brother Damon, Stefan has the ability to heal souls. Furthermore, before I go on. There was a woman in the brother’s past lives, a beautiful vampire called Katherine pierce who turned out to be Elena Gilbert’s doppelganger. Katherine died, or at least was thought to be dead by the brothers and that actually did a number on Stefan who has a bloody alter ego called the ripper of Monterey. Lost in between years spent binge drinking the blood of the country folk and healing, by some twist of luck Stefan meets Elena. Stefan became the balance, or the tether to her restless spirit, their love was pure, reliable, safe and predictable Elena had security and was certain Stefan respected her wishes and would never go against her will, but like all wanderers, they soon tend to outgrow their base. Understand that Elena needed security and predictability, she was a bit dreadful of the edge. Enter Damon Salvatore.

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