Godzilla; king of the monsters yes, but not so great

October 24, 2019 By derrick

The latest release of the film series Godzilla has the 65 year old radioactive reptile on a destructive spree not to mention he’s fellow titanic friends Rodan, Mothra and the stubborn three headed dragon like creature, Ghidora. I wouldn’t say I was expecting much from this particular franchise as these ‘chaotic’ movies such as Pacific Rim seem to sort of follow a particular trend, what we get from the total 2hour 12 minutes run time is a bunch of un coordinated and lazy directing from Michael Doughtery.

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Personnells in an obscured zoological research agency called ‘Monarch’ face off a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Titans, as the giant creatures are being referred to. Also starred in the spin off in an attempt to bring sort of connection to the movie is Millie Bobby Brown, the popular Stranger things starlet. Bobby’s acoustics in the movie left a sort of confusing trail caused by the shifting point of conflicts between the antagonist and protagonist. The cinematographics was great but a bit too loud and somehow began to morph into humor and theatrics. The main goal, an attempt by Monarch to heal the Planet after being subject to the destructive actions of mankind, by the true and first owners of the earth, claiming humans are actually the disease, and the Titans are the healers or the benefactors though there has been calls by the government to stop funding Monarch and shut down the research and finally, extermination of the Titans.

Godzilla is more than just an angry reptile.

In a destructive attempt to retake his crown from the false king, the three headed Ghidora, the reptile embarks on a quite eventful journey of smashing buildings and senseless roaring’s, there’s a moment of somber when there’s an attempt to ‘re awaken the King’ after a battle sent him nearly to the throes of death.

With a radioactive stockpile the near death Titan is re awakened by a suicide mission under the Ocean, it eventually works followed by a rather impressive burst of energy roar towards the heavens, by this time we’re beginning to raise our brows. The Titan King goes on to keep the peace by keeping his minions in check from turning the whole planet to rubbles. The goal is to establish a world where humans and titans could co-exist.

The movie ended just and exactly as predicted, a deadly and destructive total showdown in Boston, Godzilla actually delivers sending a message on whoever was looking that his crown is not up for negotiations by eating one of Ghidora’s head before frying his ass with his atomic breath.

The entire destruction wouldn’t have been possible if not for a device called the orca, that fell into the wrong hands, a constructed and built by Dr Emma Russell which analyzed and initiated the Titans, by emitting a wave that seemed like it was coming from an Alpha, leading to the destruction of cities by the hostile Ghidora. The king of the monsters is an average movie with little plot and lots and lots of destruction. Nonetheless it’s a little bit awesome, if you’re a fan of movies like Jurassic Park.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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