It’s Like weird Science getting a humorous Upgrade; Netflix’s Stranger things

October 28, 2019 By derrick

The Three season weird science sequel is a total combination of weird science for sci fi geeks. The Netflix’s paranormal hit series aired on July 15, 2016 and has been a total pleaser till date. The series portrays a series of spooky otherworldly occcurrences in a little town known as ‘Hawkins’ and set in the nineteen eighties. It was directed and created by the Duffer brothers.

The intruiging aspect of the series is the inclusion of childhood theatrics and melodramas as it revolves around the lives of a set of kids in the town, blending with the mix of growing pains and the adolescent third season released in July this year. Notable, are the very creative and splendid plot devices as there are many quite deadly enemies, such as the ‘mind flayer’ amongst others, with also a touch of teenage romance.

Stranger things is a very awesome series, its available on Netflix.

The Beauty of the series is it’s catchy theme of being set in the sixties hence bringing a tinge of nostalgia to the works. This would also be a favorite of weird science lovers with the likes of series like the X-files which is also set or rather shot in the sixties though the particular movie for the given term is likened to a teenage hit movie which was released in 1985.

Stranger Things makes a new front for weird science.

Weird science netflix

Stranger things currently has four seasons, the fourth which is set to be released in the year 2022. it’s of no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic must have affected the shooting of the series in some way. Now delving into the series we are taken into a mix of different world, budding puberty and the ever present adult scrutiny only blended in this case with a tinge of lost wonder. A strong and notable character who the whole series seemed to resonate at some point is that of ‘eleven’ played by Millie Bobby Brown. Here we have a special and grossly misunderstood girl who finds refuge and camaraderie, at a pace with a group of kids who on their own are trying to make sense of the world in front of them.

If Netflix’s Stranger Things were cast in lights to everyday conventionality with the purview of exposing children to great amounts of stress at a tender age, one could begin to see flashes of ‘being lost’ when breaking into adulthood because despite being fun and of course being science fiction it is not okay in any way to expose a young mind to that sort of vast information. Where leaving class to chase ghosts becomes accepted. Of course there should be room for non-conformity but still there should be reasonable boundaries set. On the other side of things Stranger Things is a series that’s hard to shake off. Starting with its unraveling opening themer we are pulled into a universe of vast wonder voyaged of course by the best minds laced with inquisitiveness and curiosity, that of children. The series has a touch of darkness topped with ‘eleven’s’ mystical persona a bit standoffish like that of Jean in the Dark Phoenix.

weird science netflix

The Series is one of unrequited wonder and awe and hard to get off the couch. This one is for you, weird buffs.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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