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March 31, 2020 By derrick

Making more of your output

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You must have come across the term ‘environment determines our output’ (well, sort of). This majorly can attest to the notion that where you work, like it or not determines your productivity or at least the frequency of your output, in most cases. Nonetheless, there’s a firm correlation between where you work and productivity and if you doubt me, try writhing your final year thesis in your bedroom with your three kids screaming in the background.

Majorly this knowledge ‘struck’ me when I discovered how wacky my output rate was when I’m trying to write in the hostel with my roommates literally drilling a hole in the floor and when I’m writing in my room with the windows closed, not just writing per say but anything or aspect whether writing, cooking or even painting a picture.

What makes a good work space

Your workspace in general is the area around where you get busy, your mode of organization and ethics. Most persons do not realize that these factors affect productivity and even if they do, most persons do not deem these things important and would try drawing a portrait with potato chips littered on the easel, I don’t think this does much in the lines of productivity. In the general basis of workspace setting. A good workspace should be uncluttered, easily accessible and psychologically unwavering.

Most work these days is done on a desk and probably with a PC so desk time is a major part of our everyday living and working, with this notion, if you are more of the daydreaming desk worker who gets inspiration from unseen unicorns galloping on the patio, having your work desk in front of a window with a nice view could be very helpful.

Working aesthetics are also very important, sorry to say this but some people are color dumb, you need to add some color to that desk, or room, remember those dreamy office pictures on Instagram depicting a pair of glasses and a steamy mug of coffee, I know it sounds corny, especially when it’s your bills you’re looking up but, they actually work. In recent times study has shown that a well-organized desk or workspace could improve productivity because your brain has the notion that you are in for some serious business.

Figuring out your vibe

To do this close your eyes, picture your dream office, what color are the walls? arrangement of pens on the table, (lose the stray cat). Having a vibe with your environment can bring out your creative spirit also, this could increase the time you spend at your desk and lead to more output. Music playing in the background or a pair of headphones are essential for our groovy lot and if you love spending time outdoors, potted plants in the room are a go!

Where you face

If you’re working at a desk that is facing the door, you’re bound to get distracted because you’ll see who is coming into the room and get distracted by pesky friends.  This could help, for our motivational lot, you could have your desk face the wall and put up a board on the wall with encouraging quotes written on it, this could be very helpful, just imagine this quote by Winston Churchill staring back at you from the wall.

43018 Winston Churchill Quote The positive thinker sees the invisible scaled

Try reducing clutter

When you set about your business of the day, ensure your workspace is free from distractions. Clutter is needless to say, not so important or seemingly important junk that reduces your work flexibility. These objects or presence of these elements could lead to distractions or you fidgeting while trying to work and also planning ahead when you have plans to work, put your phone on silent and you can even go as extreme as canceling your Netflix subscription. Just kidding.

Take time to ask yourself, do I really need this big bowl on the table? Or whatever you feel is cranking up space, your work area should be fluid and should allow brainstorming and free of distractions. You should have in mind and should set goals on what exactly you want to achieve.

Create space to detox

As complex as this sound it’s simply just space to relax when you feel stressed, like a relaxation area. Working straight long hours can make you cranky. If it also helps you could have a handy snack bar just around the corner but be cautious to ensure your relaxation elements do not turn to a source of distraction.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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