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April 15, 2020 By derrick
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Procrastination is one hell of a habit, ever had to meet up with a deadline only to find out that the deadline becomes the day you commence the given project, I know, it’s quite normal, and if like me you just agreed to that notion, well you’re screwed.

We all have goals, to write that book, get fitter or simply just get up earlier out of bed every day, whatever the goal we want to achieve I’m pretty sure we have at some point set up plans of actions or road-maps to help us achieve these goals only for them to go south after two days, nah that’s not working and YOLO is in the air.

Often times we tend to get complacent with our level of achievement like hey I’m trying at least I’m better than those who did not even get anything done. To want to push yourself to achieve more might be seemingly non appreciating in lights of your applied efforts. It’s good to acknowledge and applaud our efforts no matter how little or small they are but that doesn’t mean you should remain stuck there. Not ‘stuck’ necessarily but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to push yourself to achieve more.

Desires are the starting points of all Achievements

This is me not telling you to work hard… I mean hey, working really hard can help you achieve more in a short while and can increase your efficiency. This write up is about specific strategies you can take to help in achieving more of your goals. Factors such as drive, focus and tenacity are also needed to carry out these goal oriented strategies.


This involves picking the most important aspects of your task and carrying them out, not only would they boost your sense of achievement but also would drive your achievement time frame forward. Some days you just need to stop tinkering with the little stuff as that could be a sign of procrastination, just take a chunk off the main course. This move would begin to propel you to try to aim for high milestones in your tasks before you know it, the job is done

Letting go of Goliaths

You know that feeling when you get out of bed to accomplish a given task and then you feel as if there are bricks underneath your eyelids? Or those excuses ‘I need a pair of running shoes to start’ or ‘I need some money to get it done’. While these may seem like some valid points I’m sorry to tell you that in most cases you’ll find out that they are just subconscious or default excuses. These drawbacks we allow to run our daily lives can drastically reduce our output. Ensure to let go of any clutter and have a clear view of the task at hand.

Be balanced

Balance is all about having things in manageable proportions. Even if they are overwhelming. Don’t try to mix up things and do one thing when you very well know you should be doing another. Having balance also goes to the psychological level, some people are successful but are very unhappy with themselves, this is a typical case of lack of balance.

During your quest to strive for balance you should be careful not to prioritize wrongly. Do not totally drop somethings but just have clear priorities on tasks worth carrying out.

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