What you never knew about remote working.

April 24, 2020 By chukkyderrick
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Now that the world has been shut down by the novel coronavirus, there has never ever been a time to be a remote worker.

 Now I’m pretty sure you must have heard of the term before and the image of a person hunched over a PC with a steamy mug of tea might come to mind, but there is actually more to it than seen at surface. Yes, just chill.

Remote working is basically working outside the confines of an office, it’s more or so, a virtual means of working. This means of working is used by many companies, major one’s such as Freelancer and Upwork.

The trend now, in light of the coronavirus, is people learning cloud computing and starting to remote work. This fairly is not a bad thing because there is restriction of movement, going online seems fair.

So now here we are and it’s remote working season.

Before you start thinking of how you will get rich online, Remote working is shitty. After long hours hunched Infront of a glaring screen you begin to feel like you’re in limbo.

Your fingers start getting cranky.

Your mouse pad starts getting sticky.

…and your cat leaps at you from nowhere.

So, I thought to myself, these cycles of technical misery have gotten to me. I was doing shitty jobs, wasn’t making much pay, I’d start a project and somehow end up in an episode of Blackish. God i need you…

So, I decided to pray.

I opened the word.

Microsoft Word to be exact.

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Then wrote a ten-minute pitch to a Client as at why I am perfect for his graphic design job (which he had already completed, I was pretty desperate) as to why he needed a good one. He said okay.

Before this moment mind you, I had been researching online on how to do some cool graphics so I guess it was part prayer and partly personal effort.

Long story short is that I did a pretty good job and got paid quite handsomely. On a normal day (without Covid) I’m not sure I would have ventured into Graphics.

So I thank God for remote working.

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