Short Term 12; Unveiling the mind of a therapist.

April 30, 2020 By chukkyderrick
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Talk about a therapist with issues. The plot is a psychological drama that features the slow unveiling and healing of seemingly troubled minds in a home. The movie is set at a budget less than a million dollars and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton who also directed similar movies starring Brie Larson such as The Glass Castle.

The drama unwraps and goes into the broken lives of teenagers struggling with different set of mental issues with the lead therapist played by Brie Larson. There is a very strong sense of emotional fragility that spans the ‘home’ made of small boxes of ordinary rooms, this tends to put forward the portrayal of the members of the home as a common family where similar workers like Grace, head therapists cares for these teenagers along with her lover, Mason (John Gallagher jr) also present in the Home. Mason plays the role of tethering her to reality as she tends to lose herself quite often in decoding the troubled minds of the teenagers.

Bagging numerous awards such as Independent Spirit Award for Best Editing, Short Term 12 is another mastery of Cretton.

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