A Perfect date Movie review

May 1, 2020 By chukkyderrick

Netflix brings us a pleasant Rom-com experience

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Based on The Stand-in by Steve Bloom and directed by Chris Nelson. Noah Centineo who has appeared in movies such as to all The Boys I’ve Loved and Sierra Burgess is a Loser gets to play the different roles of selected chauffeur dates.

Centineo is also known for making appearances in The Fosters and on the current scene is set to appear in his latest movie, Masters of The Universe.

Starring as Brooks Rattigan along side Celia Lieberman (Laura Marano) this is Netflix’s new recipe for teenage nostalgia. You’d have to admit, it’s worth watching again. Centineo’s innocent demeanor is perfectly matched with Marano’s shrewd sarcasm, not overly complex, just two different personalities coming to terms with one another.

There’s more…

Brooks is infatuated with a popular and rich girl called Shelby (Camila from Riverdale) and also plagued with an insatiable obsession to go to Yale. In lights of this, he creates a dating app with the help of a friend called Murph. This creates a string of ‘Stand-in’ dates where he has to play the roles of different personalities to match the needs of the customer. The Perfect date is your normal Rom-com but with a better aftertaste that makes you want to re watch it over again. And again.

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