Comfort, Style and a Pandemic

May 2, 2020 By Joshua Chikezie

The COVID-19 global pandemic hit the world by storm and we all are in our feelings about it! This pandemic virus is no joke and we have lost a lot of lives to it and the numbers keep going up everyday. Businesses are closed, schools are closed, shows in the fashion industry has been cancelled or postponed till a later date and we’re all advised to maintain social distancing, wash our hands thoroughly and frequently or use sanitizers and most importantly, stay safe at home. Quite a tragic conundrum, huh? Well, it doesn’t always have to be so because, I personally have been affected by this lockdown tremendously and I have found new indoor activities to keep busy with and stay safe and positive but just like everyone else, I can’t wait to see this over and done with.

Regardless of this crisis, some are lucky enough to still go about their business, schooling and even fashion shows – yes, you heard right, fashion shows, online. A lot of people are learning to adapt to the situation and are scheduling zoom meetings, dates, classes, church services, concerts, conversations, interviews and social media challenges virtually. What a way to make lemonade out of lemons!

Many health experts have advised that we try to maintain our normal daily routine and also try to keep our minds healthy and happy. One of the many ways to maintain good health is by looking good, which gives credit to the old saying; looking good is good business!  In this same spirit, I have decided to bring to your attention five fabulous tips on how to stay comfortable, in style – serving healthy looks for your next virtual activity, which will help ease the strain of a pandemic that has arguably been compared to the second world war experience. Leggo!

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Tip 1: Shick it up with sweat shirts and pants

Sweat shirts and pants are absolutely my favorite go-to stay at home schick! Whether it’s, 100% cotton, hand knitted wool or cashmere cardigans, sweaters and joggers, they are super comfy and they come in different beautiful colors and designs. Sweats are the easiest way to perk up even the grayest days and they appeal to everyone because of how comfortable they are. Sweats are appropriate for that next zoom meeting you have planned with your business associates, your interviews and every other online activity with a semi-formal setting. Often times sweats can be worn in formal settings with a mixture of other regular formal clothing.


Tip 2: Ditch the tight jeans and embrace the ease

I personally haven’t worn any of my jeans since this lockdown started. I mean, who would want to be trapped in a tight jean all day at home? The best part about staying home is the comfort of it and wearing a jean will definitely deprive most people like me of that.

Wearing jean can be replaced with plain cotton trousers, joggers or leggings. They can be worn under any simple or trendy t-shirt, crop top, sweat shirt, cardigan, or sleeved tops – depending on your preference. If you are a denim freak or can’t do without that good ‘ol jeans, then it is advised that you opt for loosened baggy ones that are stylish and really trendy at the moment or jeans made from stretchy leggings material  – this of course, is not for everyone based on your preference


Tip 3: Maximum elegance with maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are always a joy to see on women, because they give off this calm elegance and schickness!  Maxi gowns come in various colors, prints, patterns, styles and design and are appealing to every body type because they generally are super comfortable. You can decide to style your maxi dress up and pair them with blazers, waist coats or denim jacket, depending on the occasion or in this case virtual activity. A maxi dress can cater for both informal, semi-formal and formal looks with ease and are so in season!


Tip 4: Glide it with a Slide

Remember how we always told you never to wear slides out? Well, there’s no going outside for now so you can scratch that! Stay comfortable and on the go with trendy slides, mules, and flip-flops around the house. They come in various designs, shapes, cut, material and colors. Slides can literally do no wrong at the moment because guess what? you can wear them to every virtual meeting or activity – yes, no one’s going to be looking at your legs when they’re talking over the phone so glide away!


Tip 5: Accessories are still a thing

I know this may sound funny, but really accessories are still a thing!  Regardless of the fact that you’re locked in and don’t care much for accessories these days – I personally at first didn’t wear my stud or wrist watches to any video meeting or call, but hey, that’s not what the health experts adviced. In other to maintain your mental health and happiness, sticking to your pre-pandemic routine is very important. I was the accessories guy before this bump and I still will be after it, so why shouldn’t you? Accessories like wrist watches, light earrings, neck pieces, rings and satchel bags – yup, satchel bags, should be used frequently. Don’t over do it by wearing all of them at once, try to wear them moderately and where necessary.


Pandemic or no pandemic, fashion is a part of our everyday lifestyle and that is never going to change as long as humanity thrives. These are few tips to help you stay stylish, super comfortable and positive during this global trying time. I hope to hear about how you’re serving looks and slaying on that zoom meeting real soon! Until then, stay stylish, stay comfy, stay safe and wash your hands. Love and light!

Joshua Chikezie

Self-taught fashion writer, Joshua Chikezie, is an ardent fashion enthusiast with a focus on answering your everyday questions about <em>what's fashionable and what's not?</em> He is a professional fashion model signed to <strong>Mahogany Model Management</strong> with two years worth of experience. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria with his family.

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