90’s Fashion Trends Today? Yes Puh-lease!

May 9, 2020 By Joshua Chikezie
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The 90’s was a really vibrant time for fashion and we are not yet over it! From baggy jeans to flared jeans to crop tops to bodycons to mini backpacks to track suits to biker shorts to flannel shirts, honestly the list makes me dizzy, but I am totally obsessed with the 90’s fashion trends.  Through the years, we have seen these fashion trends come alive again on various runways, look books, pop culture events and fashion weeks across the globe and it promises not to disappear anytime soon.

Looking alte a recent street fashion term, was indeed inspired by the 90’s fashion trends. A new generation of fashion enthusiasm is reflected by alte  lovers like myself, because just like fine bordeaux – wine, it gets better as it ages leaving you looking cool for days on end. Getting the 90’s trendy look right is a challenge most times, but worry not my dears, because I will be sharing a few items that are a must have to ride this retro trendy behop that will leave you looking like you popped out of a fashion magazine from the hip and fabulous 90’s, whenever it’s okay to go outside again. Shall we?

Baggy and Flared Jeans

Baggy and flared jeans reigned supreme long before skinny jeans was everyone’s favorite jean to wear and they are coming back with a revenge in both male and female fashion trends. Wearing baggy jeans gives you this rebel outlook that leaves head turning at such fashion audacity and confidence. The same can be said for flared jeans which was reincarnated first from the 70’s to the 90’s. They are super stylish and are always a sight to behold when matched with the right ensemble. Both type of jeans can work with any body type and it is a must have if you want a piece of the 90’s trendy fashion action.

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Cropped tops

Cropped tops are a must-have in 2020 if you want to serve that 90’s goodness. These midriff-baring tops were and still is an essential fashion item for ladies in the 90’s and are also on trend at the moment. There are different types of crop tops with different cuts, design, fabric choice and colors that are suitable for all body types. Today you can relive the best fashion from the 90’s by pairing crop tops with either a baggy or flared jeans. Also to bring the look further into the present, you can swap cropped camisoles for short sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops.



Overalls or dungrees as we often like to call them are one of my absolute favorite 90’s fashion item at the moment! These sleeveless jumpsuit are trendy, comfortable and so in style. They are flexible and can be worn by both male and female fashion enthusiasts looking to reenact the 90’s fashion look. Overalls come in different fabrics but still serves the same effortless shick looks on both ladies and gents. To rock this 90’s fashion trend, try pairing overalls with a crop top for the ladies and a t-shirt for the gents under real comfy sneakers. Not all fashion trends latest.

Mini backpacks

Mini backpacks are a 90’s kid trendy go to fashion accessory that we have seen come back with a force. Good things they say come in small packages and a mini backpack or fanny pack is a must have for the love of the 90’s! The mini backpack and fanny packs have filled the gap of the demand for more fashion style accessories like the satchel and tote bags. Disregard fashion trends 1920s, Mini backpacks are as functional as it is fashionable because they offer fashion lovers a petite canvas to play with other 90’s fashion trends like the neon colors and leopard prints. Go micro and look 90’s schick!


Track suits are a category of fashion items known as athleisure. It is no surprise to see track suits in the 90’s fashion trends because they are the next sport- inspired fashion trend to infiltrate the street style alte. Be it classic three striped tracks, color blocked track windbreakers or brand logoed emblazoned track suits – the suit are a necessity for that 90’s fashionable look. The track suit provides duality for both sexes with it’s unisex designs and it’s oversized silhouette fosters what I always love to emphasize on – comfort!  Track suits come in various statement colors and are a leisure look that can be elevated for night time with satin and silk fabrics, depending on your preference.

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There you have it, these are my top five 90’s trendy fashion items I think are a must have in 2020! Try out any of these looks and turn heads when we are finally allowed to go and slay. Untill then stay safe, be stylish and let the fashion reign puh-lease.Ta-ta!

Joshua Chikezie

Self-taught fashion writer, Joshua Chikezie, is an ardent fashion enthusiast with a focus on answering your everyday questions about <em>what's fashionable and what's not?</em> He is a professional fashion model signed to <strong>Mahogany Model Management</strong> with two years worth of experience. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria with his family.

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