Black Specials: Your all American Black-ish Family

May 16, 2020 By derrick

It’s loved by all Africans and Americans and maybe gotten a few controversial reviews once in a while here and there. Created by Kenya Barris, Blackish has become a world wide hit all African American TV series. Addressing issues such as colorism, the TV series has sparked of course quite a handful of controversy in the media and political industry at large.

Blackish is about a successful ad executive Dre Johnson and his wife, Bow Johnson and their three kids Zoey (Yara Shahidi), Andre Johnson Jr (Marcus Scribner),Diane Johnson (Marsai Martin) and Jack Johnson played by Miles Brown. With the presence of a very peculiar extended family.

The Popular abc TV series addresses the issues faced by a black family trying to retain their ‘blackness’ while growing up in an all American white neighborhood.

Politics of Black-ish


The show is generally tagged under the genre of comedy but as it rolls by, you will tend to notice that it has taken a more serious tone, like Andre changing his rich school for public school, recollections of the issues of slavery and women in the work force. This new venture is even more visible in season four where Dre and Bow begins to have marital issues as the producer Kenya Barris puts it in Newsweek:

“Fifty-three percent of American marriages fail, which is about the same odds as DeAndre Jordan making a free-throw. I wanted to explore Dre and Bow’s relationship going through a difficult time and how it impacts the whole family.”

Kenya Barris, Newsweek

This new divergence by abc has started taking out the ‘funny’ in the series. A drop back from its actual setting previous years ago. There has also been clap-backs from the public calling the show racist, sexist and homophobic.

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President Obama stated ‘it’s like watching his own family on screen’ and the show has received some praise from both the black and white community.

Nonetheless don’t get so political over the series, it’s just an everyday family sit-com.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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