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May 22, 2020 By Joshua Chikezie
Dresses for women

Looking good is good business, so the popular saying goes but what happens when that good business leaves a giant gaping hole in your pocket, making you regret purchase decisions after receiving a paycheck that was spent paying for the pricey designer clothes you bought last month? What happens when you’re young like me and not earning enough at the moment – or anything at all, to afford the nice fashionable things you see on the trendy magazines, websites or runways but know you want to get some of this famed good business of fashion  right?

Well you’re not alone dear, because the best of us worry about these things too and a lot of my friends over the years have always brought this to my attention, which is why I have taken the liberty to bring you a few pointers on how to be fashionable without breaking your banks and running in debt. Stay with me dears!

Shop at superstores

A superstore is a large store market in a hypermarket like a mall with discount stores and other store chains. Superstores are known to have an array of clothes on sale for very affordable prices and they sell clothes in different grades, colors and other preferences. Always opt for nothing too flashy but, yet stylish! You can find classy stuffs for both male and female for very affordable prices at these stores, so locate one closest to you today and shop!

Dresses for women

Avoid splurging on trends

Do not, I repeat, do not buy fashion items or clothes only because they are in trend or en vogue!  Fashion trends changes as we live and breathe and fashion always moves quickly. What is trendy today or what is the hottest new style today, might be totally out of fashion in a few weeks, months or years – if you’re lucky enough. Don’t buy that dress because others are wearing it or just because you saw it on the catwalk from this season. Focus instead on buying classic, versatile pieces that are cost effective and would better endure the test of time.

Dresses for Women

Quality over quantity, period!

Ugly Prom Dresses

A lot of people need to get this part right because sometimes we fall victim to this grave mistake of buying fashion items or clothes simply because it’s in a larger quantity, say for example – buy two get one free, and other bamboozle that an expert salesperson might have cooked up to drive sales. Always ensure to critically examine what you’re buying and ask yourself if they are of good quality or not. Some might argue and say quality most times are pricey which is true in most cases but I maintain that there’s a greater reward in buying in quality than quantity anytime, any day, period!

Girls Fashion

Simple, stylish and comfortable

Keeping it fashionable is not a license to overdo it and look like a fashion offender. It is in good taste to keep your looks simple, stylish and my favorite word – comfortable! Buy clothes that are simple yet elegant, stylish but not an overkill and comfortable never something that will leave your body as stiff and uncomfortable as an Egyptian mummy. A lot of the time things in these categories come at a very reasonable price and people ignore them simply because they don’t know better. See the bigger picture dears.

Buy clothes in solid colors

Clothes in solid colors like blacks, whites and blues are super versatile and usually appear very much more identical to upscale designer outfits and brands. Most solid colored looks are more classy and fashionably elegant, regardless of the fabric than inexpensive, patterned clothes that run the risk of looking cheap and in poor taste. Solid colored clothes are easier to mix and match, which means that you will be able to make more looks with fewer items.

Accessories are still necessary

Jewelry, wristwatch, hair band, belt, hat, tie, bag and other forms of subtle accessories are still a necessity. Accessories can help put together fashionable looks while spicing up your wardrobe. Be very strategic about your accessories shopping and look for the best bargains you can get at discount chains and stores. Do not buy obvious rip offs of designer accessories, it’s a total embarrassment if your Gucci belt logo has more Cs than necessary – that’s a laugh. Look out for simple yet edgy accessories that will compliment your outfits.

Own sensible shoes

Dresses for women

Sensible shoes have saved my life over the years and not having enough doesn’t mean that your feet should suffer for it, so get you some sensible shoes. Sensible shoes are comfortable shoes that are always kept in good shape and are very much in style. I personally recommend having at least two sensible shoes, a heel and a loafer or flats for the ladies and a dress shoe and a sneaker for the gents. Get the best deals from discount chains and buy them in solid colors like white, brown or black. Looking good is indeed good business when it is smart business, be smart about your fashion decisions and make a clear cut budget. Fashion is not only for the rich, contrary to popular belief, and it doesn’t take so much to look your best in fashion. Don’t go bankrupt while trying to keep up, ciao!

Joshua Chikezie

Self-taught fashion writer, Joshua Chikezie, is an ardent fashion enthusiast with a focus on answering your everyday questions about <em>what's fashionable and what's not?</em> He is a professional fashion model signed to <strong>Mahogany Model Management</strong> with two years worth of experience. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria with his family.

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