Why you Should completely let go of the Past

August 17, 2020 By derrick

Why are you holding on to it?

Letting go of the past

Honestly no one really cares. It’s giving you mental baggage and making your nights stiff.

The sun rises, so do you, the sun sets, so why don’t you?. If the average age of living for a regular human is fifty years that’s a pretty short time to be holding onto something that has happened and left you behind and is infact, looking for it’s next victim. whether it’s a break up, a Job Loss, a catastrophic event or life just being life. You do not have to continue like this because

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When you suffer, it shows

Believe it or not, whether you are a kind hearted sweetheart who goes around gifting the weak and broken with rainbows. People want to see you suffer. They may act like they care but deep down they secretly pray for bad things to happen to you and when it eventually does, they long to see you fall apart. So it’s best you keep your reaction minimal and move on.


You’re going to die anyway.. and your ill-wishers are going to die anyway

Yes one-day, even today or tomorrow afternoon, you just very well could drop stone dead. that’s how fickle life and all it’s melodrama is.

So ask yourself if what has happened to you is really worth the drag? or if someone has hurt you and even worse, this monster has moved on and is even finding peace in watching you suffer like a worm. I suggest you go to that secret room in your mind and burn these elements to the ground because these occurrences are in the past and these so called people are going to be six feet one day.


It shows you can be easily controlled

There’s nothing toughening like showing life what a hard son-of-a-bitch you are because if life gets the slightest chance it would push you to the ground with any means necessary. Sorry if i’m sounding blunt but i’m operating by world standards… life doesn’t ask your permission before it tries to destroy you. So you better toughen up.

Doing this shows you cannot be easily controlled any you refuse to bend to circumstances, better still, you could come out smelling like a wild rose.

It’s a brutal world, it’s about survival.

Planet Earth is not for the faint of heart darlings. This is natural selection. So if you want to stay here, you better drop all that baggage and move on or infact… prepare for the next hit.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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