Silicon Valley Review: The Dark and yet Hearty side Of the Jobbs-Universe

August 20, 2020 By derrick
Monica Silicon

Though having a teenie bit of similarities to The Social Network (2010) depicting the rise of Zuckerberg, Silicon Valley is an almost relatable series portraying the struggles of an upcoming tech entrepreneur Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) fighting to bring his start-up The Pied Piper to fruition.

Darkly or Just plain humour?

The series although bubbly has a very noticeable dark tinge, showing the quick rise and fall of the tech world and the painful lives of start-up founders. HBO brings to us a series showing the cohabitance between initial honesty to innovate and walking on the edge of mischeif in the business world.

When the show premiered in 2014 it was quite the shocker, showing us the small scale starting point of the digital giants of today although part fiction but also very probable.

Society and the world in general has been engulfed by the actions and thoughts of these people, from the drawing board to the massive skyscrappers, Silicon Valley shows the inspiring, maybe fun, but definitely brutal truth of the tech world.

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Silicon Valley ended in season six as the last episode was aired on December 8 2019.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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