The pursuit of Happiness by Will Smith.

August 26, 2020 By derrick
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Pursuit of Happyness

It’s as real as it gets, based on the true story of a stockbroker Chris Gardner showing the pains of struggling in a sinking life and yet trying to push through the surface for even a gasp of hope. Played by Will Smith and his biological son Jaden Smith, it would not be the only time the duo would be appearing side by side in a movie as later seen in the sci-fi thriller After Earth.

What is the Story of The Pursuit of Happiness?

Firstly, it is a little cheesy and full of humor but that is due to the resilient persona of Chris Gardner in-spite of all the troubles, a little similar to Matt Damon in The Martian, except this time it’s not about the movie on the red planet but on the cold streets of America, The Pursuit of Happiness by Will Smith is about Fighting through hunger, an impatient wife, frustration, failure and wanting a better life for his child. Determined, to become a stock broker Chris Gardner applies for a 1 in 20 chance internship at a company which at the end of the program would select a member to join the brokerage team.

Secondly, regarding the famous ‘Y’ in ‘happyness’ as seen in the movie, Chris Gardner also spelled it that way. As he quoted to a radio station.

“There was a place once in Oakland [Ca] near the MacArthur Park station that became very, very, very important to my son and I at the most challenging stage of our journey, and they spelled happyness with a ‘y’ and that’s why it’s spelled that way… It’s personal [the spelling]. It’s definitely personal. …That particular place was a day-care center, and at this point in my life just getting my son into a day-care center was a major, major, major challenge and I had to learn about the food chain of day-care in our country.

Chris Gardner to KPFA 94.1 FM

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Thirdly, though Jaden Smith was five years old in the movie, Chris Gardner’s son was actually two years old in real life.

Chris Gardner wanted a career in medicine and worked in the west coast with a heart surgeon named Dr. Robert Ellis. He actually had an eureka moment when he discovered, following his research with the doctor, the concentration of potassium that best preserved the phosphates in the heart.

In the Pursuit of Hapiness Chris Gardner was a really competitive young man and though seen in the movie, he was not actually hit by a car in real life, it was all a plot to keep the interest of the viewers.

Did Chris Gardner and his son actually sleep on a subway station bathroom floor in The Pursuit of Happiness?

This is one of the most moving scenes in The Pursuit of Hapiness movie, where Chris Gardner and his son gets kicked out of thier home and they end up sleeping in a subway bathroom and someone eventually comes knocking for business.

bthrm bg
The bathroom in real life from The Pursuit of Hapiness

The Hidden Story in The Pursuit of Hapiness

Following this affair, Chris got involved with a woman named Jackie who lived at the end of the street. Chris also went back east to New York City to meet Jackie’s relatives and to spend time with her family. Getting back to San Francisco and discovering that Jackie was pregnant with his son, Chris told Sherry that he was leaving her. Sherry moved to Oakland and it took nine long years for the two of them to become legally divorced however Chris subsequently moved in with Jackie, a decision that he admits was mostly about sexual relations.

pursuit of

But Movie Wise…

The Pursuit of Happiness is an inspiring movie that praises tenacity and good old faith in believing things would change, no matter how dire, if we push on.

Watch the Trailer of The Pursuit of Hapiness

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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