Teen Crisis and Drama in a Good Light: Hailee Steinfield in The Edge of Seventeen.

August 31, 2020 By derrick
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edge of seventeen
Hailee Steinfeld in THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN

Nadine’s troubles and woes are pretty bad. Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig. The familiar tinge of budding lost, fears, anguish and depression but with a very bubbly spark of humour falling perfectly in place with Hailee Stenfield’s sombre but hippy facial expression.

Delving through layers upon layers of character we find a troubled teenager grasping to the fabrics of reality. Alive but struggling to breathe, Sympathetic, traces of inquisitive sarcasm. Bad mornings, Teary Afternoons in bathrooms and an interestingly brutal history teacher (Woody Harrelson), probably the only force able to bludgeon through the viscous maze of a persona of his slipping history student. A sports fan of her brother, lost and unpopular, her world shatters when her best friend Krista begins dating her brother.

edge of seventeen

Calling out for help with however means at the behest of a mother who is too busy to listen, somehow, Nadine finds solace in a teacher who though from a totally different world, is able to pull her from the lost depths of murky darkness to the ever present sunshine. Hailee Stenfield has starred in movies like Bumblebee and is also a music artiste.

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Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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