Greenland Movie Review: Gerard Butler is at his limits in apocalyptic thriller

November 18, 2020 By derrick
Greenland movie review

When a rare comet ‘Clarke’ is announced on the news what is expected to be an astronomical wonder ends up leaving a very horrific legacy. Gerald Butler, famed thriller legend who starred in movies like Olympus Has Fallen only that in this scenario it’s an apocalyptic event on the horizon.

Greenland starkly unlike Butler’s previous spin-offs which has him chasing off some presidential assailant brings a new side to the actor’s raw and survival dynamics in a this apocalyptic new front, on a quest to take his family to a proposed safe haven he goes on a very bad destination avoiding falling asteroids, bandits and keeping his family together. Greenland apart from its melancholy themed setting also hits closer to home, it’s almost as if the whole world is working against him. Having quite good CGI, or okay maybe not so good and directed by Ric Roman and written by Chis Sparling, a really exceptional twist and acclimating suspenseful plot from start to finish the movie received a whooping hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Grit and psychological stamina are tested her if you take on the occurrences which happened to his wife (Morena Baccarin) ‘it’s as personal and emotional as it could get’. Greenland was perfectly blended with the aesthetics of Butler which from working with the same director of his hit movie Angel has Fallen the movie brings to life an unpredictable apocalyptic thriller if you consider the likes of 2012.

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Greenland Movie review
Greenland movie review
Greenland movie review

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