Life in a Year; Jaden Smith’s new movie is off Par

December 13, 2020 By derrick
Life in a Year

This isn’t the first time we are seeing weepy cancer movies with the likes of Five feet apart, Definitely, The Fault in Our Stars and also Irreplaceable you, everyone has a touch of this very familiar feel. Unlike when you take ‘all too familiar’ and don’t even care to add a little element of surprise. Directed by Mijta Okorn (Letters to Santa) and starring a very much obnoxious Jaden Smith and pissed Cancer stricken Cara Delevigne (Isabelle).

Opening off with a touch of an over ambitious persona, thank you, bone faced Cuba Gooding Jr. (Xavier, who plays the role of the father). Quite an unusual tinge for an emo movie I must say, what happened to good old humor? Or at least a character not so revolted. The normal dying girl meets her liberator (much acceptable), is this time flipped the other way round? With forced humor and pretty out of touch and rather unnecessary gimmicks, the movie is sort of half cooked.

Life in a Year
Cara Delevigne and Jaden Smith.

Not with the likes of the John Green classics, Life in a Year fails to have that emotional connection with its viewers, apart from Jaden’s cool rhymes, it’s hard to see much to be into. Life in a year is not Jaden’s first movie; with other successes like After Earth, I’d suggest maybe Jaden stick to thrillers and leave the feels for the pros like Shailene Woodley.

Isobelle with maybe a tinge of Hayley Lu Richardson’s obsessive compulsion in Five Feet Apart but the icy vibes are kinda off touch and Daryn (Jaden) learns this very quickly. Life in a year is a little rushed with instances of clear naiveté, The Fault in Our Stars pulled off the tour “the world bucket list before you die” scenario very well but Life in a Year fell very much below par here.

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