Netflix sheds light into the West-African Human Trafficking industry in Oloture.

December 15, 2020 By derrick

The despair, dejection and beaten down demeanor of the women hounded in this deadly world is prominent through-out the whole run-time. Set in Lagos, Nigeria, a country where poverty is on the rise and cost of living is near impossible, women and girls in most cases, in attempts to seek greener pastures overseas get sucked into this cruel reality.

oloture review
Òlòtūrè cast

Most of these unfortunate women get trapped, enslaved, beaten and sexually exploited for money and sold as sex slaves. Human trafficking is a billion dollar industry and the International Organization for Migration states that up to 91% of women trafficked are Nigerians mainly from Edo state.

Òlòtūrè shows the dynamics of this dark and unseen yet ubiquitous world as an agent goes undercover to bust a trafficking ring. Directed by award winning producer Kenneth Gyang, featured in the film are Nollywood actresses Sharon Ooja, Blossom Chukwujekwu and Omoni Oboli. Executive producer Mo Abudu stated that the crime drama was inspired to make awareness of trafficking in Nigeria.

“There have been many reports around the world highlighting human trafficking and modern slavery. It has been in our faces. I dug and dug and did a bit more research, and when I came across the numbers and saw how much was made annually from human trafficking, I was totally shocked,”

Executive Producer Mo Abudu to CNN.
Oloture review

The Ebony Life CEO was shocked after discovering the total amount of money generated globally from this crime, about 150 billion dollars most of which is gotten from sexual exploitation. Oloture also sheds light on the deregatory standard of living these women survive in, dilapidated shabby structures, cramped and overpopulated spaces. These details were infused by real life journalists who have gone undercover into the crime ring to add detail to the movie.

Òlòtūrè on its part shows the popular Lagos night life of clubbing and partying but from another perspective that’s not regularly seen, from the view of the underdog.

Shooting the film took 21 days towards the end of 2018, in few days it became the most watched movie in Nigeria and is among the top ten movies in the world on Netflix.

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Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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