War Journalist Marie Colvin’s daring feat is expressed in ‘A Private War’

December 19, 2020 By derrick

This movie is inspired by the true life events of war journalist Marie Colvin. Standing in the line of fire and going against all odds to tell stories than need to be heard – no matter the cost. Starring Rosamund Pike in a post dystopian reality in the war torn streets of Homs, Syria. Clearly not a biopic as one would have expected A Private War as the name seemngly implies is about the psychological state of a journalist who found purpose in the midst of shrapnel, exploding bombs, killer planes.. to get to the most often overlooked, the often dismissed minority. Haunted by PTSD she journeys to Fallujah, Iraq after teaming up with a war photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) to uncover the victims of a mass grave from the deadly plights of the Saddam Hussein regime.

Opening with a personal note, we are shown where Marie is a victim of a bomb blast where she loses an eye, the source of her iconic ‘eye patch’, Colvin continues to be pulled towards danger and deadly war and conflict zones, very often with a great tendency to put her life on the line “Fear comes later” as she always says.

After refusing to leave a hostile encroaching zone in Homs, Syria 2001, the building Colvin was hiding in with hostages, taking their stories and broadcasting to the outside world, gets attack which led to her demise.

Colvin was popular for never wanting the story to be about her, a movie where she is the center stage is a little off track to the protagonist in real life. A Private War was released in 2019.

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Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) in her Element.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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