Marvel confirms Hailee Stenfield as Hawkeye in new series

December 29, 2020 By derrick

Marvel studios just confirmed the role of Hailee Stenfeild as Hawkeye. The new Marvel series is set to be aired on Disney+ in late 2021. The limited series will of course have us seeing Jeremy Renner with his role as Clint Barton and also his student Kate Bishop who will be played and portrayed by Hailee Steinfield. Starring along with them would be Fra Free (Animals) and also the newbie Alaqua Cox and also we hear Florence Pugh of Black Widow will also be in the series.

When will Hawkeye be released?.

Production and shooting of the series began in early November though there hasn’t been any announcement of an actual release date.

Hailee Steinfield was so excited about the role as she told CBR:

“You know i don’t even know where to begin. I’m so excited to bring her to life, a character that is loved by so many and there are so many amazing characters and elements of Kate Bishop in the comics that we are bringing to life in the series. It’s so fun to figure out what those are and how we’re interpreting them and how we’re bringing them to life”

Hailee Steinfield to CBR

The series is going to be mainly based on David Aja’s comic run and would be set sometime after the events of Avengers Endgame. Clint Barton now residing in Manhattan tries to raise Kate Bishop and guide her in the dynamics of being a superhero. Archer sequels like the CW’s Arrow are always fun to indulge in. Hopefully, Marvel would do a good job.

See the teaser trailer for Hawkeye

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