Joy Movie Review ; Jennifer Lawrence tells a touching story of determination.

January 6, 2021 By derrick
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Jennifer Lawrence

A classic portraying determination and brimming entrepreneurship. Starring Jennifer Lawrence as strong and determined Joy Mangano, living an upbeat life as a divorced mother of two who successfully climbs the business ladder. The movie is a biopic drama with a slight tinge of comedy with its amicable story telling by Joy’s Grandmother shown in her growth from early childhood which was greatly marked with creativity. Directed by David O Russel and starring also Robert DeNiro and a business tycoon Bradley Cooper who plays the role of literally paving the way for our heroine the seemingly short one-hour movie, if you fancy a summary.

Jennifer Lawrence brings grit to the frontlines.

Jennifer Lawrence

Generally, this is a story about an ordinary woman in a large family without any accomplishments whatsoever who decides to make something out for herself. Funny enough, the supposed voice of the critics is not emboldened and neither is the opposition like seen in take for example The Pursuit of Happiness. With a very noticeable lack of emotional rawness whatsoever, just light hearted and full of inspirational butterflies. Jennifer Lawrence who has starred in hit movies like The Hunger Games and Passengers is not new to the feminism tinged movie mantra as seen in the movie also starring Bradley Cooper, The Silver Linings Playbook.

The set is in the 1900s showing the motive by the directors that this one is an entrepreneurial classic, the types who morph to be founders of wealthy businesses today. Painting a wild story across time with a span of four generations this is a woman who despite facing setbacks like a disappointing marriage, a literally failed and obstructing family and the good old non believers, she creates a business dynasty and becomes her own matriarch carried along by her inner drive and will power to refuse to be average like her family whatever the cost maybe and going against all odds.

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, see the Trailer

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Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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