Parasite Review, Suspenseful, a ride and a creatively chilling masterpiece

January 23, 2021 By derrick
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Parasite review

When the movie begins with its common and drab depiction of a Korean family you expect it to be a normal movie but Parasite is no ordinary movie, wrapped in layers of subtle suspense that increases with pressure by this minute, an daunting ending and a chilling and unshakable after taste that sticks to memory. Directed by renowned Korean director Bong Joon ho, Parasite is a much-needed breakout from the Korean movie industry in lights of its creative side, the movie has bagged many awards and nominations including the Palme D’or. On the mention of its aforementioned layers of suspense this is not to be lightly taken in any sense of the word, what started as a rather innocent but shockingly devious plot by a poor family to usurp an upper class family gets hit with something even worse from the rather unseeing opposition who as it turns out were not who they initially expected them to be, this triggers a game of lies, deception and death yet all masked with unknowing and sweet innocence.

Parasite is unsuspecting and yet familiar

You shouldn’t expect, if you have seen the movie, the portrayal of the desperation people are ready to take, how far they can go to get ahead and the lesser family doesn’t fail to show this aspect in the socio economical difference shown in the movie. First is the innocent acquiring of a foothold and then like a very wicked grand master the parasite begins to wrap around its unseeing and unsuspecting host.

All about the chilling feels is one the director of The Host a movie about a monster killer, a rather matching and befitting preamble for his latest movie, Bong Joon ho creates an aura of unsuspecting horror, ‘buying a mansion with a man hiding in the basement floors below who sneaks up at night to eat’ this is as real as it gets and of course its mask of comedy to give the viewers a warm and familiar feel inciting a sense of horrific distrust of what appears as the ordinary.

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Parasite review

A clash of two chilling personas both with hidden agendas, the father of the lesser family Kim ki-taek hijacks the entire plot laid by his good natured son who shows of an aura of innocence and non-evil and the father of the upper class family (Park Dong-ik), the ‘host’ with an affront that leaves viewers guessing his next move but we clearly do not know if he is good or bad, just a look of calm and rather wittiness, a man who just runs his common family of two kids, a friendly wife and has a man locked for four years in his underground basement. Parasite was nominated for the BAFTA award for best film in the year 2020 and the Cannes Best Actress Award. A much-needed breakout for the Korean movie and TV which is quite famed for its TV series shows like City hunter and Faith, Doctor from heaven. Parasite is one of those movies that requires you to rewatch, before it must have left a bold and sticking imprint in your mind. Showing two different sides of the world and human life the movie brings a common goal between the two factions, greed. One that is shockingly unimaginable and inhuman yet we are placed in a position to pick sides between the two factions when it turns to a deadly game of cat and mouse with one trying to outsmart the other. A similar tale of family horror in the movie Kindred.

Very commendable is its serene and sterile like setting which gets almost disrupted but still in perfect harmony from start to finish except, like an ink stain on a white fabric, Parasite is one movie that’s hard to shake off and leaves a bold imprint on the mind.  

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Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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