Godzilla vs Kong Explores Much Needed Creativity for the Titans.

April 9, 2021 By derrick

Spoilers, beware

Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla vs Kong

This isn’t the first time where the great titans are hitting the screens. Similar to it’s machine counterparts ‘Transformers’ (in a way) the new Godzilla vs Kong is well detailed and with a finer story and better plot device comparing with the 2019 disastrous standalone Godzilla. The story opens up with a whistleblower (Brian Tyree Henry) alleging a deep cover up at a genetics and development company called Apex Cybernetics. Also starring in the movie is Netflix’s Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown. The movie obviously is a sequel to Godzilla : King of the Monsters and Kong : Skull Island and the 37th franchise to the latter and 12th to Kong as stated by Wikipedia. Recapping from the last Godzilla which grossed $390 million dollars in 2019 with not so much of great directing, a little lackluster from Madison Russell from the 2019 version which is noticeably not present in the 2021 version. The new one on the greater side of things is a whole lot better with finer plot devices and storytelling, probably pitching two titans against each other gives room for creativity and is a little better than the bland titan stomping on humans and armoured vehicles which is the common trend of the past and previous versions.

Godzilla vs Kong
Madison Russell

The characters are great and deep on emotional levels with the plot if you count the bond created with the gorilla ‘talking’ sign language and trusting a little girl (not Madison this time) but a much younger child from his wiped-out clan. The other that places this in light is the ending when after all the battling, lifetime archenemies, both titans suddenly becomes chums. Kind of makes you wonder what the ‘vs’ in the memo is for but hey it’s just a show of strength I guess and DC extended universe did it with Batman vs Superman but I wouldn’t lie to you I thought it was battle to obliteration, well that would mean the end of a franchise, not sure the producers would want that.

Godzilla vs Kong is a new front for the titans.

The CGI is a whole lot fine tuned as you would strikingly notice, director Adam Wingard obviously brought his best cards to the table here. A favourite in this notion is the ‘on water’ scene where Kong is being transported on a freighter and the reptile shows up, awesome directing on that part and not to pitch anyone against the other we all noticed Kong was literally on the defensive through out the movie and Zilla had all the offensive. Kong’s better aspect was just bringing life to the story, which when tried for Godzilla in King of the Monsters, turned out to be a total disaster, the reptile is all good for the battleground and that’s literally just about it. Kong of course just about yelling and roaring but nothing happens, for a gorilla that can speak sign language that’s little intelligence coming from him compared to Zilla who at one point when Kong was under the earth totally heat blasted for minutes directly to the earth’s core. The ending part is not clear, though yes there was initial conspiracy to pitch them together by Apex, they were arch enemies from day one. So, what exactly happened to that? Well all we can do is just watch and muse but we can say that from the view point of the producer it’s understandable.

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With beautiful and near to flawless CGI not so fine sound quality and thumbs up to directing, the movie has actually received lots of positive reviews from critics online, scoring a seventy five percent on Rotten Tomatoes that’s a good view. This new one brings creativity to lights in the story of the age-old titans.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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