Dystopian and Out of Touch, Dylan O’Brien in Love and Monsters.

May 6, 2021 By derrick
Love and Monsters

A light hearted and fun-filled ride, Love and monsters seems to miss the mark for which it was meant to be. Starring Dylan O’Brien, popularly known for his role in the MTV hit series Teen Wolf and in the Maze Runner Series. Though the latter was more scientifically advanced with lots of upbeat technologically grafted CGI, Love and Monsters is a dystopia set in the 80’s with an almost similar tinge to the Netflix Stranger Things and also the popular Transformers franchise Bumblebee. Rated PG-13, it’s quite clear that the movie was a little intended for a much younger audience but still it’s quite noticeable that there’s much potential and room for creativity brimming underneath. Dystopian themed movies are almost always set in a futuristically developed world or one in the lights of such. The emotional workings in Love and Monsters is quite subpar, throwing the same dynamics similar to the 2021 sci-fi dystopian movie Chaos Walking which of course involves a dog and a girl on the far side of the world, Aimee, played by Jessica Henwick.

Love and Monsters
Ariana Greenblatt in Love and Monsters

The pre tag ‘Love’ in the title is a little bit misplaced as much light wasn’t thrown into this love story that made our protagonist Joel Dawson, embark on this quite thrilling adventure featuring giant snails and bugs because the latter really put the monsters in the ‘Monsters’. Watching the movie, you get a sense of detachment asking whether thebond between both persons of focus is really worth it because it clearly lacks a greater goal. Without stating much facts, it is more of a sight-see than a movie with an actual plot as one would notice the story line is drastically lost in the CGI showing fifty feet tall bugs and worms. The director, Michael Mathews clearly lapped around the whole plot device to infuse an emotional connection with the characters but the bonds are short lived which is really off-putting for a dystopian movie. The monsters on the other hand though huge looking and threatening didn’t really play up to expectation or rather deliver what was expected of them or rather what you felt would have happened in some scenarios. This whole thing kind of brings to memory the monsters of Cloverfield lane, in the periphery but yet with a huge sense of distasteful dread that leaves one wondering when the actual attack is eventually going to occur. Still it is rated PG-13 which means it’s for family from this view point its probably on track a little but it could have been a little much more than what it gave.

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Quite similar to the movie Zombieland as DigitalSpy termed it which involved mutated animals turning into giants with a tinge of the horrors of Netflix’s annihilation. Finding the sole core of the movie is somewhat misplaced and can be likened to a movie with little or no savoring just light-filled and huge monsters that almost looks formless. Humor is one of Dylan O’Brien’s strong feats in movies kind of in the same footing with Hailee Stenfield and he doesn’t fail to deliver as it turns out Joel is a guy that suffers from paralyzing fear in the face of threats. In this light, his embarking on a dangerous journey across a world of monsters to rescue a girl places bars in the humor radar and better still, chivalry lives on. Things like what could have been with questions of if he went with a family member to create a sense of dread and emotional bonding not the quite empty stumbling upon two random fellows in the movie to give him company rather. The movie throws a fun light on the dystopian themed movies and has similarities in plot devices if you love movies like Chaos Walking.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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