Lady Bird movie, A tale of fortitude and young wandering.

October 14, 2021 By derrick

When you have the ability to make an impression so great and even brand your initials and claim it as your name it shows, to a person, having a character of boldness and maybe a little wandering. Starring Saoirse Ronan and directed by Greta Gerwgig (Little Women), The two sides of the movie, the boldness of its protagonist and the rather misunderstanding nature of the people around her places the aura of ‘when are you going to get it?’, this cloud hangs very closely around her seemingly tough loving mother played by Laurie Metcalf. Christine McPherson ‘Lady Bird’ is a budding millennial seemingly caught between conflicting worlds, that being her ever present criticizing mother and her relationships which has a sort of irkness to Anya Taylor Joy’s in Thoroughbred.

Lady Bird is unique.

Portrayed as a teenager who doesn’t fit into mainstream traditional norms of society and literally seeking understanding from the world around her. This sends a yearning and wandering culture and spirit throughout the whole story. Lady Bird is firm, a little funny and tinged with lots of humor. Not regarding the rather low involvement from her patriarchal side the movie shows a child with rather dreary mother issues. There is a sharp conflict of character and culture, one side stemming from her mother’s petty and old-fashioned demeanor and the other from Christine’s free spirit and wild nature. Her mother is noticeably trying to play the role of an anchor in her life or rather a cage to prevent her from flying way. The interesting thing at some point it begins to show that she is the anchor to her mother’s life instead. Playing the role of bringing her to her reality which shows a heart severely misunderstood only whenever her mother goes down that road, a wall flares up.

Lady Bird Review

Similar movies like The Edge of Seventeen have portrayed this voice of being misunderstood by people in movies and culture in general and aside from its touching nature, really these movies drive the humor narrative home. The bickering between Lady Bird and her mother was quite notable through out the movie with her terming her daughter as snobbish and selfish which once again highlights her timidness to her wild spirited daughter. Coming of age films are in all sense of the word classical dramas worth watching if that’s your thing.

Lady Bird tells a story that’s a little new to the field and yet very relatable and familiar.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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