For Maria Ebun Pataki, a foray into the throes of Motherhood.

February 6, 2022 By derrick

Apart from the low lights and solemn cinematography the Damilola Orimogunje special casts light into the easily side stepped world of new mothers and with affirmations from social media platforms, post-partum depression, a condition where by a woman who has just put to bed develops psychological trauma either from the process or otherwise but is all akin to the time right after conceiving.

Appearing in Movies Like Citation starring Temi Otedola the 2017 City People Movie Special Recognition Award winner kunle Afolayan makes a touching and emotional resolve that propels the whole message of the movie. For Maria decipits the director showing his outstanding ability in painting a story, though fresh but resonating and connecting with everyone. The movie is generally more about understanding the disconnect between the young mother ‘Derin’ and her new child due to incidents from conceiving than the mother herself yet we are pulled towards the latter, spear-headed by her husband who is a a major highlight in the throes of the new mother.

The movie sheds light on post-partum depression, urging the general public to understand that it’s an actual person who put to bed as by default people are more inclined towards the new child.

For Maria
Source | The British Blacklist

For Maria is an exceptional movie as it stands out due to the fact that the topic in question isn’t really talked about.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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