Family, Crime and Games of Wits in Netflix’s Ozark.

September 14, 2022 By derrick

Directed by Amanda Marsails, the Netflix hit crime series Ozark which premiered in July 2017 is nothing you have never seen before, if you’re a major follower of the likes of crime
dramas like Breaking-Bad and Narcos. Starring Jason Bateman (Identity Thief) and Laura Linney (The Nanny Diaries), When a rip-off topples the wrong way and being an unknown accomplice.

Ozark Neflix.
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Marty Byrde (Bateman), quick thinkingly at gun point brokers a deal to launder 500 million dollars for a Mexican drug cartel in the space of five months, talk about suspense. Ozark
as a whole is one of the most tensely written scripts in a crime hit, topped with the personas of both starring characters where family, loyalty and trust is tested in the most jarring of ways. When asked if Ozark is incomplete in anyway the answer is a total no it’s flawless from start to finish. Ozark which has quite a taste like the Netflix series Narcos goes both ways of connecting the divulge between the rift of societal influence in lights of teenage children, found in the series are caught in a world, robbed of thier childhood and
plunged into crime. The series seems to tell ‘the otherside of the story’ in lights of viewing things from the opposing angle one begins to wonder who exactly are the bad guys here, hats off to questioning morals. Ozark has currently four seasons as there have been no announced prequels so far. The series is availiable for streaming on Netflix.

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