David Kaluuya and Keke Palmer hustles in NOPE.

September 16, 2022 By derrick

The sci-fi movie directed by Jordan Peele is one of rich depth. Having sections that tell a more broader story than what is portrayed, probably a better concept than the bland Clover Field Paradox which has quite a striking similarity to the movie. Outside the hustle for cash. Two siblings set out to film Extra Terrestrial activity, kind of like Storm Chasers redefined.

Keke Palmer in NOPE
Source | Looper

Having more points for creativity there’s more than just riveting suspense, the plot which is split into about five view points has rich storytelling. NOPE has a runtime of two hours, the question of whether NOPE is a horror movie would depend a lot on the viewer as on a lighter scale it’s simply a story of hustling. Marked with beautiful and impressionable CGI, a little poorly created opposition as a human sucking UFO wasn’t quite so riveting as of the partially revealed horrific E.T of The Clover Field Paradox. Characters are vibrant, to the extremes hats off to Keke Palmer in general and also a silent but strong willed sibling played by David Kaluuya. Opposed to movies having to do with strange happenings, markedly such like Stowaway and Netflix’s Annihilation NOPE is not a dystopian themed movie but simply happens in a small place. The movie is rich in humour with such a picture of ardent fun chasing yet a scary ride is played out with lights to it’s quite seemingly gory scenes markedly at the onset of The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen (Glenn).

KEKE Palmer in NOPE, Trailer below.

The connection between the main characters is though set as strained but has a deep undertone. In lights of abductions saying a similar bond set through a demise of a family member, abductions of movies such as Room with quite ethereal bonding between Characters. NOPE was obviously unnecessarily lenghty for two hours but delivered nonetheless. NOPE has a rather split timeline which tells a more broader story spanning a lot further than the timeline.

E.T movies with alien activity always brings to the table much room for creativity such as movies like Awake though based on a book is a great portrayal of Extra Terrestrial activity on screen. NOPE is more or less a thrilling fun ride from start to finish with a rich after taste that hits somewhere in-between. The movie was released on July 22nd 2022.

The movie which has a dusty and somewhat dystopian setting what with the likes of movies like Tom Cruise’s Oblivion but in a small setting brings out a new and fresh face in the sci-fi and horror scene in recent movies.

Keke Palmer in NOPE
image source | Syfy

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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