You is all parts Suspense from Start to finish.

September 27, 2022 By derrick

You must come across a funny interaction between rapper Cardi B and a certain actor. Well, the Netflix series ‘YOU’ which all the dredge is all about is not actually in that context but a suspenseful thriller. Having aftertastes of movies like Gone Girl, the Lee Toland (Age of Adaline) directed series trudges between romance and sinister and twistingly dark ulterior motives. The neo opener with series of this nature or theme is very much sharp and noticeable here, overly applied in many parts and maybe should have been quite a little subtle like that of Virgin River as there is little or no room left to speculation but the plot still delivers nonetheless.

YOU is oddly a crime series in a way if you consider true story themed movies like Extremely Wicked shockingly vile and Evil and although fiction the lead character ‘Joe Goldberg’ is on a fall in love and eliminate eventually total quest. Characters are rich in depth and dynamics with striking similarities to the leads of Ozark but just to scratch the surface.

With stellar reviews and viewership the series has been renewed for currently, the fourth which would be debuted on February 10th 2023.

You Review
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