Michelle Yeoh is Beyond limits in Everything Everywhere all at Once.

March 14, 2023 By derrick

The Sci-fi comedic spin-off with a stark and striking after taste of Colombia Pictures the One starring Jet-Li. Having more of a notion to show not only comedic brilliance in quite every aspect The Daniel Kwain hit movie shows unseen sides of its star Michelle Yeoh (Killing Eve, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000). The Crazy Rich Asians star alongside marking major wins at the 95th Oscar Academy awards and marking the actresses’ Asian-American spot ever in winning an Oscar. Having exceptional and above par CGI and character-plot divulges that tilts quite a little to personas as the directors try to push on a side that’s endearing to viewers, a little brittle in fight scenes lacking much and firmly rooted depths as the plot device is mainly one of comedic humor.  On the other end of the spectrum viewers are caught on a brisk, drama dotted thriller with these stop points overly filled which rich character depth of the protagonist, it is very easy to connect and bond with the character in focus who moves from running a slow family business to something greater as this paints the story of heart in every sense of the word.

Everything Everywhere
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The movie is mostly driven by a quest for survival and self-rebirth, this is shown in markedly the lowkey and lowlife protagonist who gets flashes of what could have been possible to say. Everything Everywhere all at Once has the subtle markings of a Christopher Nolan piece (Tenet, to say the least and all other time anomaly themed sequels) to say only this doesn’t complete this view due to its contrite nature of fitting everything in a small place and portraying a more vast and greater possible outcome and yet the movie delivers in every sense of the word.

See the trailer of Everything Everywhere all at Once Below

Everything Everywhere all at once grossed 107.6 million USD at the Box office with its star bagging the Academy Award for best Actress in a Supporting role at the Oscars.  

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