The Boys : A hidden side of Super Heroes?.

March 19, 2023 By derrick

Having an opening that’s quite distinct from the superhero franchises as we know it where it’s all plotting and a dark and viscous rough world filled with crime. This shifts the common view of superheroes as we all know them to be branded as all self-righteous, The Boys opens up an idea of a world to explore in the superhero franchises and not just plain directives like The Origins: X – men Origins, Smallville. This front may just have been seen briefly in the movie X – Men Dark Phoenix to name a few and also flashbacks of dark politics maybe akin to the DCEU’s Arrow. This however is not a purview of Smoak whispering hideouts via a microphone to Oliver Queen but hardcore dirt, grit and an 18+ viewers rating. Heroes in their lime lights in a conscious attempt not to hurt the brand are most commonly portrayed as all spotless the basic disruption to a bad side would in most cases be an alter ego Flash-Reverse Flash, Superman-Bizarro (when the kryptonian is off the black meteorite of course).

The Boys
The Boys, Image Source : Syfy

Importantly, recalling the DCEU’s Batman vs Superman where the seemingly emblem of hope from the Daily – Planet morphed into a sort of quasi-culturelike ‘god’ and roguishness was hinted, similarities are portrayed in the Eric Krikpe Tv Show where Superheroes are franchised and turned into a business. This view however is not all menacing but the discourse that superheroes as they are portrayed are meant to have some sort of damage control to put things in check and even if it is not a part of their branded fronts. it is actually a stark and creative purview from the common narrative. Marvel Heroes had a Civil War, as objectable as it may come off it is good business. The Boys in a sort of way tends to connect these so long polished dots in the Superheroes brands that may once in a while be flashed in a discreet movie like Captain America’s Civil War.

Derrick Anyanwu is a creative writer.

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